After 24 years, we’ve seen some big fish…

HereĀ are the biggest of the big; the ASA Rodeo’s record fish in each category.

ASA Rodeo Records

29.02 lbs Peter Purpura
Speckled Trout
6.31 lbs Donnie Murphy
3.89 lbs Brian Rosa
5.14 lbs Justin Butler
7.77 lbs Will Fraiser
Black Drum
45.5 lbs Frank Di Marco

Current Louisiana Records

Popular ASA Rodeo Species

Speckled Trout 12.38 lbs
Redfish 61.00 lbs
Black Drum 79.50 lbs
Sheepshead 21.25 lbs
Flounder 13.06 lbs
Largemouth Bass 15.97 lbs

Other Species

Jack Crevalle 57.88 lbs
Cobia 112.00 lbs